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Hair FAQ / Hair Color After Care

After many hours and dollars in the salon I'm sure you will want your hair color to last as long as possible, and be as healthy as you can keep it, right?! I have created this page mainly to direct my clients to after dying their hair! But if it even helps visitors to my page to keep their hair nice, then awesome!

How long will my hair color last?

With proper after care your hair color can last quite a few weeks or months, though everyone's hair is different. There are many factors contributing to color lasting times, but here are some estimates:

Semi-Permanent color can last 6 to 12 shampoos or more.

Demi-Permanent color can last 20 shampoos or more.

Permanent color can last 25 shampoos or more.

How often do I wash my colored hair?

The less you wash your hair, the better! I recommend washing hair every 3 to 7 days. If you are used to washing your hair every day, try going 2 days without washing, then 3 days, and keep extending the time until your hair is used to not being washed as often.

What shampoo and conditioner do I use on my colored hair?

Using shampoo that is sulfate free & silicone free is the way to go! The less it lathers, the better. I recommend a CoWash for semi-permanent hair color, as it helps keep the brighter colors to last longer. Also, be sure to us cold water while shampooing semi-permanent colored hair. Hair that is lightened (bleached) will also need hair masks either after every wash, or every other wash. Using Olaplex #3 before shampooing will also help keep your hair healthy.

Do I use hot or cold water to wash my hair?

Using cold water will help keep your hair colors vivid. Cold water keeps the hair cuticle closed, preserving your color. When trying to fade out fashion colors, switch to hot water and it will help prep your hair for a new color.


Can I go in the pool or ocean with my hair color?

Try to avoid getting your hair in the pool or ocean water, as it will fade your hair color drastically. If you must put your hair in a pool or ocean, try wetting your hair first in the shower or with bottled water so your hair soaks up that water first. 

Can I use heat on my colored hair?

While letting your hair air dry natural is the "healthiest" way, you can most definitely use heat. Always use a heat protector serum in your hair prior to applying heat to it. The easiest way to apply a serum is on damp hair, and combing it through. I recommend using 300° to 350° fahrenheit max on a flat iron or curling iron, as anything higher then that can burn your hair. One pass with a flat iron is all that you should need. Limiting heat on hair to once per week is best.

How do I wear my hair to sleep?

Clipping your hair up at night helps keep it from rubbing on your pillow and breaking. Getting a silky/satin pillow case really helps prevent hair breakage.

My hair is dry from being colored/lightened, what do I do?

Using a hair serum and a leave-in conditioner will really help keep your hair moisturized. Doing hair treatments and hair masks will also help

What do I do when my blonde toner starts to fade?

Sulfate-free purple shampoo and/or purple conditioner/hair masks work great! Use them every few washes to keep the yellow away. 

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